What is the Ceremonial? Updated definition

In the previous article we answered to the question: what is the protocol? Like we did with protocol in the Spoilers book, we also composed a definition to the concept ceremonial. Maribel Gómez and I want to express our point of view and professional experience with this definition.

“Communicative model that allow to human beings a symbolic engagement, whose objective is to materialize and turn into action those guidelines provided by the protocol, and that comes from the so-called cultural substrate of the society to which it belongs. Its function, by extension of the protocol concept, is to create the necessary order that allows the social and organizational relations to develop in harmony in a framework of mutual respect”

If we talked about the protocol as a communication tool, we cannot stop talking about the ceremonial as a communicative model. It is the form that the protocol takes, therefore, the way in which a certain communication strategy designed with the protocol and implemented by the ceremonial is expressed.

It is a form of symbolic engagement, because the human being has a symbolic nature. With them there is a vast and huge world of meanings that we have created and celebrated in events. We use the crown as a royal symbol, or the Latin cross as a symbol of God in Catholicism, for example.

All symbols have a common origin: a specific cultural substrate. The social space in which the protocol is developed determines what form it has, or how things are done. In Western cultures, for example, we have adopted black as a color for mourning, but, nevertheless, in Eastern cultures, the color destined for death is white. The cultural factor in the protocol and the ceremonial is absolutely decisive.


Once again, I hope that the protocol professionals find this definition interesting and appropriate. To the students of the subject, I hope it has helped you shed some light on what your future work will be like. And to the lay people in the matter, I hope it helps you to understand this precious profession that, does not break or can be skips, and that is much more than ordering the cutlery on the table, or answering the question of whether the godmother carries or not shawl at the wedding.

Feel free to provide any comments that you find interesting and if you want to expand on the subject I recommend the book of Protocol Spoilers.


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