Description and details about the videos

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1×01 – Protocol to England’s Queen Victoria I proclamation (Victoria)

1×02 – Protocol to cede a post (The Originals)

1×03 – Social protocol: flirting in the 19th century (Wan and Peace 2016)

1×04 – Uso of symbols in protocol (Game of Thrones)

1×05 – Social protocol: etiquette nowadays (Revenge)

1×06 – Diplomatic protocol: what is it? (The Man in the High Castle)

1×07 – Ecclesiastical protocol: ceremony to designate Cardinals (The Young Pope)

1×08 – Historical protocol: the Vikings and their Uppsala’s pilgrimage (Vikings)

1×09 – Breaking protocol at the red wedding: what does breaking protocol mean? (Game of Thrones)

2×01 – Scottish protocol for oath of allegiance to the chief of the clan (Outlander)

2×02 – Protocol within the British House of Commons (Victoria)

2×03 – Precedence: the importance of order in protocol (The Crown)

2×04 – Social protocol: table elements’ distribution (Downton Abbey)

2×05 – Social protocol: systems to organise diners. (Downton Abbey)

2×06 – Protocol and events: strategic design of events (Designated Survivor)

2×07 – Historic protocol: Viking funerary protocol and ceremonial (Vikings)

3×01 – What is corporative protocol? (Succession)

3×02 – Protocol and ceremonial in high see (Outlander)

3×03 – New world, new protocol rules (The Handmaid’s Tale)

3×04 – Official act: institutional protocol (The Handmaid’s Tale)

3×05 – The host: who is it and the functions (Downton Abbey)