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Through Outlander TV show, we are going to be witnesses of the Scottish protocol for oath of allegiance to the chief of the clan in the 18th century in Scotland. An event full of protocol where we can find dances, plays and straggles to celebrate the clan’s bond. The TV show is based on Diana Gabaldon’s books.


We come back to Victoria TV show. Today, we are going to watch the protocol inside the English House of the Commons. We will see how laws were done in the 19th century, and how this tradition has been remained almost unchanged until our days. Undoubtedly, a very interesting ceremonial and protocol that it is worth to know.



One of the most important things in protocol is precedence. We are going to use The Crown TV show to explain how does it work. We will watch how do we order the different elements around an event: people, spaces, times and symbols. The Crown is available on Netflix.


With Downton Abbey we are going to speak about social protocol. In particular, we will watch how the different elements on the table are organised nowadays. Next episode, 2×05, is going to be the second part of this one where we will see different ways to organise our diners at lunch or dinner.   



This episode is the continuation of the last one, 2×04. We saw how do we organise the different elements on the table. We keep going with Downton Abbey, but this time to know which ones are the different options to order our diners at lunch or dinner. It does not matter if it is at enterprise or personal level.  Also, we will learn which is the place of honour, and how do we use it in order to create a better space and environment to meet.


Designated survivor TV show bustle with protocol, and that is the reason why we are using episode 1×06. We will watch why the essence of protocol if ordering people, spaces, times and symbols. Also, we will analyse how do we create a message to launch to our publics, and that all details in an event are there for a reason.   


This is the seventh and last episode of season 2 of Spoilers of Protocol. To finish the season, we will watch one of the most fascinating aspects of Viking culture: funerary protocol and ceremonial. We will see, ones again, the close and indivisible relation between protocol and culture.