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Spoilers of Protocol starts with this first episode where we go to England in the 19th century through Victoria TV show. We are going to watch how the protocol to the Queen Victoria I proclamation through this amazing show is. If you are a Doctor Who’s fan, you will enjoy Jenna Coleman performing.


In the second episode we are going to The Originals. With this TV show we are going to learn how the dismissal protocol within a witch society is. In fiction, as well as in real life, all the organizations have their own rules (protocol) when they decide to dismiss somebody.


Social protocol is the theme of our third episode. We will watch how was the way to flirt in Russia in the 19th century through War and Peace (2016) TV show. Men and women had to follow certain social protocol if they wanted to get married. A world where women were introduced in society through big social events at certain age. A world where dance was essential in young people education.


Our next stop and the fourth episode is the importance of symbols within protocol. This time the TV show is Game of Thrones. At the first episode from the first season, we can watch a 30 seconds scene. Which is the funeral of the Hand of the King, where we can see perfectly the great importance of the symbols in all the protocol disciplines.


Our next step is episode five talking about social protocol, where we will analyse an important duality in events: protocol and etiquette. Those are two important concepts whereof many people have doubts about, but this situation ends today. We will use the TV show Revenge, since it has many social events. Through it we will answer to the questions, what etiquette is, and what relation has with protocol. This video is the perfect tool to those who have a social event soon.


We continue pursuing in protocol, and this time with episode six talking about diplomatic protocol. We enter within this discipline via The man in the high Castle. A very interesting TV show telling a story after II war world, but with a different outcome. We will exemplify diplomatic protocol concept through German and Japanese relations inside the new United States.


Spoilers of protocol episode seventh continues with ecclesiastic protocol. Through The Young Pope TV show, we will watch how is done the ceremony to designate cardinals within the Catholic church. A TV show created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. It shows lights and shadows of the Catholic church in 21st century.

Erratum: in the video I say that Pablo VII was who opened the ceremony to the public, but it was Pablo VI (there has not been yet a Pablo VII)


Episode eight is about historic protocol. We will watch how the Vikings pilgrimage to Uppsala each 9 years was. We will go deep within its culture and see how the protocol to give thanks to the Gods was. We are going to do it through Vikings TV show from History Channel, because it is the perfect example to see the close relation between protocol and culture.


The ninth and final episode from this first season of Spoilers of Protocol is going to be to throw light on the concept “breaking protocol”. Although it is a common expression on media, it does not correspond to reality. It is just an appealing headline to engage readers, but it is far from being true. To set an easy and simple example about what this expression really means, we are going to 3×09 Game of Thrones episode. It has spoilers, so, if you have not watched this episode yet, maybe you want to keep this for later.