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Spoilers of Protocolo – 5×01

This October I have started the 5th season of Spoilers of Protocol. I am very happy because it is already five years of this project and there are more than 5,600 visits on the Vimeo channel (Spanish speaking videos at the moment).

This time we’re going to talk about social protocol through the series Brave New World. I’ll leave you the trailer just in case you don’t know the TV show.

Protocol is the rules that support a society so that there is a peaceful coexistence among all its members, and those rules takes a special importance in events of any nature. What makes this series interesting is that it tells us about New London, a new city created after the end of society as we know it today, and which, of course, has a new social protocol.

I encourage you to see the episode because it will help you to visualize in a more pedagogical way what is the social protocol and its functioning in society. I leave you the 5×01 of Protocol of Spoilers below. Enjoy it! 


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