Social protocol (etiquette) and The Sims

Every time I say aloud the word protocol you can hear in the room the sound of “buff”. Yes, I know. It sounds boring and rigid. But I am determined to take protocol out of this kind of reaction. It has to be seen as something useful and flexible to our society. Because there is nothing more up-to-date than a discipline we use day by day, and furthermore, allow us to life in harmony.

This week I want to write about social protocol since videogames point of view. Yes, yes, from videogames point of view. I am not crazy. But let’s go step by step. Social protocol, or etiquette rules, as is call in english “describes the requirements of behaviours according to conventions of society. It includes the proper conduct that is established by a community for various occasions, including ceremonies, court, formal events and everyday life.” Thus, we are speaking about what we were saying at the beginning: cohabitation rules to live socially in harmony.

That said, my proposal is playing to The Sims to learn social protocol. For those who do not know the game is a life simulator. Playing to be god in other words. In the game we create a house, and after that, we create one or several people who are going to live together. Those people called Sims have their own personality designed by us. And also, dreams and goals to achieve in life. Is our purpose to help them to achieve them. As the game says: “built a house, built a relationship, built a life”.

Within this virtual world is where we have to interact with other Sims, and at this point is where we will learn social protocol. All the Sims, depending on whether or not we know them and their own personality, have a number of social options to interact. Like in real life. When we have just met them our interaction options are very low (say hello, talking about science, tell a joke…), but the more we go deeper in this relationship, the more options to interact we will have. We can become friends, and also lovers. Who knows!?   

Like in real life Sims could not get on well, or be the best friends ever since the beginning. That it is on us. Even, we can create a bad relationship with other Sim on purpose. It is a matter of telling dirty jokes or make fun of this Sim. A whole new world where, as in real life, our success depends on how do we manage the basic rules establish by social protocol. In addition to this, we can also be host of a party at home to enlarge our social circle. Sounds really funny, right?   

So, whether you have teenagers at home, or you are an adult or teacher, recommend to play to The Sims. And no, I am not getting commissions if you buy the game. But I perfectly understand that, if you learn something having fun, it will last beyond and it will be easier to take in.  



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