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Dress code within events

Within events we have a very important element: the dress code. We are not speaking about the dress code for guests, but for everybody involved in the organization. It is not important in all events, but in many of them it is an element to really think about it. It needs a strategic approach. Clothing can be used to communicate a wide range of things, in both private or institutional events. It is use to make tangible something that it is intangible.  

In order to illustrate how we can use clothing strategically, we are going to set an example about the event organised by SEAT to launch their new model Ibiza on June 2017. It was an event for their internal publics: car dealership. An event to know deeper the new model, to test drive the car and to compare it with their competitors. Their aim was to give them arguments to sell the new car.  

This was the dress code for the event:

The clothing selection had several goals:

– Firstly, identify each one of the different companies involved in the event, and establishing hierarchies between them.

– Secondly, transmit an image of unity to everybody working at the event.

– Thirdly, in order to be recognised quickly by guests and staff.

Red t-shirt for SEAT employees. Blue t-shirt for the events company staff. Orange t-shirt for the trainers. And yellow t-shirt for hosts and hostesses. The latter, also wore the same shoes with SEAT’s logo and the same trousers. It was compulsory to wear the corporative dress code.   

For some hostesses we have to add a second clothing to every night’s dinner.

SEAT decided to change it because it was considered not appropriate for the dinner. It was a different space and atmosphere. The picture above shows this dress code for the night. It has a missing piece: a pink jacket for cold nights.  

As you can see the dress code within events is not something random, but with a communicative purpose. The SEAT Ibiza is a kind of car for young people, so that, the image that we transmit with this sort of clothing is young, casual style and modern. Thus, if we design all elements of our event strategically, we can build a specific brand image.   


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