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Organization is part of my nature, pressure can’t take me and my empathy has led me to success in my personal and professional relationships. Since 2012 I have dedicated my efforts to the passion that comes with protocol and event organising. I have had the privilege of being able to work with Apple, with the Benicàssim City Council or for SEAT. Congresses, press conferences, product presentations, national and international institutional events, events for entrepreneurs and a long list of events that have forged me as a good professional prepared for what you need. You got a challenge for me? Let’s do it!

CV Daniel Delmás
Daniel Delmás Martín
Event organising and protocol specialist


event’s organise

Institutional, organizational and private events design and production



Protocol design to public and private events

event’s production

Providers searching, hiring and coordination, personnel management, “in situ” event’s managing, etc.

mass media & social media

Mass media and social media managing and coordination. Content creation.

Brands i have been working with

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