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A (communicative) step forward

Until a few years ago, it was told that an organization needed to communicate to reach its publics. Being inside the mind of their customers is the most important thing for a brand. But, how do we get into their short list* as a brand? Sadly, nowadays it is not enough to communicate. All organizations are doing it. We need to highlight and differentiate.

Everybody knows the mobile social networking apps such as Tinder, Grinder or eDarling. Those apps allow to link people who is looking for a partner. In fact, the most amazing thing is, that through geolocation the app finds the closest people to you. Always depending on your personal likes. But, what happens? Well, all of them are doing the same communication actions to reach single people: brief advertisements, a banner ad if you have the single state at Facebook, etc. 

From my point of view the one which has won the day in this matter is: Daddyhunt. Their strategy has been very clear. They are aware that their business is to link single gay men looking for a partner. With this assumption they have been carrying out a sequence of short films showing a nice love story between two men. Something their customers are looking for in the app. In addition, the videos are made with a flawless aesthetic close to Hollywood standards. The aim is double: showing exactly what do you get with the app, and looking for virality in social media.      

This is the video we have been talking about:

In my opinion is a great communication strategy. They are showing to their customers what can they find in their app. But also, this brand is creating their own differential factor. We can insert a banner, we can insert an advertising in social media, but the effectiveness of a video and its potential virality is infinitely more effective. These are the reasons why I consider this as a communicative step forward. They have made possible, from a video, empathise with their customers showing them how nice would be to fall in love appealing to their emotions.

*With short list I mean the list everybody has in mind when is asked about a certain products category. It consists of 2 or 3 brands. For instance, think about three car’s brands. Those ones belong to your short list. They are in your short list because of opinions, articles you read, etc.


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